Scrap City Cycles is a company born of two brothers' love for bicycles and design. When Kasey Klimes moved to Copenhagen to learn to build cities for bicycles, Kameron Klimes imagined a better way to populate them. The brothers believed firmly in an innate human drive towards beauty. Kameron concluded that if people had the option of a bicycle that was as beautiful as it was functional, that they would chose to bike more often. The bicycle could be a tool of self-expression as much as transportation.

It was with this goal in mind that Kameron - a self-taught craftsman - began collecting salvaged vintage bicycle frames, slowly transforming them into sculptures of steel and leather with meticulous care. The handbuilt bicycles are a testament to craft and quality, made to withstand the harshest streets of any city. Every bike is designed with your specific needs in mind, tailored to the specifications of your riding style and the demands of your daily ride.