What We Do

At Scrap City Cycles, we aim to insure that every bike we make becomes one of its owner's most prized possessions.

Excuse our confidence, but we only make head-turning bicycles here at Scrap City. Beginning with recycled vintage steel frames, meticulous care and artfulness in our design process, and only the best of cycling accessories, a lot of love goes into these wheels.


We currently offer two pre-designed bike models - The Lindell and The Jefferson - but for those with specific needs, we'd like to work one-on-one with you. The base price for one of our steeds is Eight-Hundred and Fifty-Dollars ($850). This price is your most basic build and allows you comfortable wiggle room with customization. From this point the sky is the limit (unless it hits your budget first). Due to the nature of our work, it is hard to put a price list on our site. Please email kameron@scrapcitycycles.com for a more detailed response regarding price points. 

We look forward to working with you!